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 Starting July 12th -----


We will be celebrating a highly limited EXPERIMENTAL Eucharist at 9 AM in the Memorial Gardens. It may be discontinued at any time and for any reason, especially if people do not follow the rules which now are outlined:


1) Everyone who attends must bring their own lawn chair and take it with them after the final Blessing.

2) Everyone MUST wear a mask before entering the gardens until leaving, covering the nose and mouth at all times. Should someone arrive forgetting his or her mask, some extras will be available. 

3) There will be no lavatories available.

4) There will be no singing

5) Everyone must maintain a six foot circle at all times between each other and themselves and others who are attending.

6) There will be no touching or hugging, no hand shaking, etc. 

7) There will be no Coffee Hour; after the final blessing, please return to your automobiles and leave.

8) The Celebrant will consume a small priest's host and not share it with anyone.

9) Those who wish to receive will be a given a small communion wafer in their hands only. 

10) The Celebrant will be wearing a Mask and Rubber Gloves during the Mass.

11) The Celebrant will wash his hands with soap and water immediately before distributing Communion Wafers. 

12) Once the Communion Wafer has been received, the communicant is to move to the side away from others completely, draw down their mask and consume the wafer, immediately pulling the mask over the mouth and nose. 

13 A non-contact digital thermometer will be available for anyone who wishes to have their temperature checked. Anyone with a temperature or anyone who does not feel well should NOT attend this Mass. 


Depending on the potential success of the Outdoor Experimental Mass, we continue with this form of worship; however, the weekly Drive-Through Communion will cease as will the Sunday Sermonettes and prayers on our Website. This will not take place until the 26th of July but only if we continue with the Outdoor Experimental Eucharists. 


PLEASE NOTE: Our Daily Lunches continue with bag lunches only, distributed between 11:30 AM until Noon. 


Our Feeding Ministry also continues with a new Food Pantry, from which we distributed groceries to needy people. It is essential of recipients to call and schedule a time for the pickup as well as what is needed, such as the number of people in the immediate family. 




We are a fully inclusive Parish in the Diocese of New York where all are welcome.

65 Washington Avenue


Suffern, New York 10901


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If you wish to donate to the Church's Ministry or in particular our Feeding Ministry, please open the following link:


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